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About Mike Weimer Law and Personal Injury

Personal injury solicitors in Miami and Florida with a focus on customer services and happy clients with maximum compensation.
Mike Weimer graduated from the Miami School of Economics in 1987.  After working in finance for a number of years, Mike went back to University to study law after deciding on a career change.  Five years later Mike Weimer legal was created in Miami, providing personal injury services to the city and surrounding area.

After the successes in Miami, Mike started a new office up in the Florida area and for 10 years built up a reputation as one of the best personal injury laywer in the region.

No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee: Florida Solicitors - 100% Compensation Pay: Make personal injury accident claims with our Florida no win no fee lawyers. You receive 100% compensation for your accident. Call our lawyers today. Our lawyers only work on a no win no fee basis meaning that you will receive all the compensation for an accident claim. Pick up the phone or email now to talk to our personal injury lawyers in Florida so you can get started with an accident claim today.