Miami Accident Claims

We can help you to win the compensation that you deserve

Hello and welcome to Mike Weimer Law.  We are the leading specialists in personal injury accident claims for clients in Miami.  With years of experience and many happy customers, we are the people that you should talk to if you need expert legal advice from a personal injury lawyer in Miami.  We deal with hundreds of personal injury claims each and every year, and are ready and waiting to take your call or email now so that we can advise you on how much compensation you could be due for an accident.  As Miami personal injury lawyers there really is no better company to trust your compensation claim with.

You Receive 100% of Injury Claim Compensation

If you have spoken to other personal injury lawyers in Miami then you might already be aware of something called “no win no fee”.  At Mike Weimer we are very different because our lawyers don’t work like that.  What we do instead is make sure that you receive the full amount of any compensation that is awarded.  We are able to do this because the fees for our personal injury lawyers in Miami are instead taken from a unique insurance scheme that will not affect any pay out that you receive.

How Our Miami Lawyers Work

If you need personal injury lawyers in Miami then it really is easy to get started.  Have details of your accident ready, including any witness contact information and then call our telephone number, or alternatively use the form on the website for an instant call back from our legal team.  When you talk to us we will ask for a few details about the accident, and if we feel there’s a case to be made, your information will be passed through to our personal injury lawyers for Miami.  As lawyers they have years of experience in winning cases just like yours that typically get settled out of court for personal injury compensation.

Areas of Miami Covered

You don’t need to be living in the city of Miami in order to talk to our expert lawyers about an accident claim.  We offer legal cover to people living and working in the following areas in area (we also have a team of Florida personal injury solicitors working for us too).

Talk to Our Personal Injury Lawyers Miami Today

It really is very easy to see if you have had an accident that qualifies for a personal injury pay out.  Get in touch with our solicitors today about the accident that you had in Miami and we will be able to advise you immediately as to whether or not you can start the claims process off.  We will not waste your time, and only have your best interests at heart.  We firmly believe that our expert legal team are amongst the most friendly and approachable lawyers in the area of Miami and have hundreds of positive customer testimonials from existing clients that have successfully pursued compensation claims with our legal assistance.